Conference Program

Conference Program (status April, 18.2018)

Cassettes, Vinyl, CD, DVD & Blu-ray
The World of Physical Media Conference
June 4 & 5, 2018, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Organized by The MEDIA TECH Association – With the Support of the MEDIA-TECH Working Group on Vinyl – the EU Green Vinyl Records Project
– Pure Audio & Colonial Purchasing Europe

Monday, June 4, 2018

  • MediaTech Member Meeting
  • Meeting and Workshop “Vinyl Working Group Europe” including Green Vinyl Project
    (results presented by Student Group)
  • First side visit Green Vinyl Records Project
  • Networking party incl. DJ Unbreakmyheart Records & Chris Roorda (Deeptrax Records) with Green Vinyl banners,
    DJ testing Green Vinyl LP
  • Demo market Green Vinyl

Tuesday June, 5, 2018

  • Registration & Welcome coffee
  • Keynote: 40 years CD
  • Keynote physical media – from Cassettes, Vinyl, CD & Pure Audio BD – content drives
    Media or Back t o the original „great sound for music“and Pure-Audio.
  • Market overview
  • Green Vinyl Project Background
  • Up-date raw materials (Polycarbonate)
  • Recording & Duplication
  • Cassettes, Panel with Lou Ottens, Phillip’s Music Cassette
  • Audio Cassette the coming business? Panel: History, Technology, Market & Business
  • High End Pure Audio special interest

Second side visit Green Vinyl Records Project and Tour to Record Stores as well as Philips CD Museum



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