MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe 2016 06/07/2016
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MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe 2016
June 14, 2016, Mövenpick Hotel in
Hamburg, Germany

Have a closer look on these topics:
Wolfgang Diemling,

Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc – A  New Chance?

The session will cover Sony DADC’s full supply chain
solution for Ultra HD Blu-ray projects including Ultra
HD Blu-ray features, asset preparation, authoring,
mastering, replication, packaging and special packaging.
Join Sony DADC to discover benefits, opportunities and
challenges of this new format.
Gunnar Merfels,
Rimage Europe

Media Production on Demand & Fulfilment Services

Including Live Demo of Media Production on Demand.
Paul Gray,

UHD Market – Short Overview by IHS
UHD TV Dashboard: how are we doing? The presentation will examine the state of UHD uptake, not only in TV sets but also content and installed base. With new drivers appearing in content delivery, what are their effects on the UHD Ecosystem? Forecasts will cover UHD TV but also enhanced technologies such as high dynamic range and deep colour.
UHD Panel
moderated by Bryan Ekus, Colonial Purchasing
  • Paul Gray (IHS)
  • Sven Deutschmann (Sonopress)
  • Marcel Gonska (WLC)
  • Wolfgang Diemling (Sony DADC)
Dr. Rainer Stetter,

Project Mi5 – Systems Engineering in the Age
of Industry 4.0     
Due to an increasing complexity in mechatronical development projects and thus required interdisciplinary cooperation of domain engineers, highly integrated, but still easy-to-use development methods have to be established. The introduction of agile concepts promise improved product quality by advanced collaboration techniques, which, combined with mechatronical simulation throughout the entire development process, elaborate the final results. This is shown by a 20-person interdisciplinary student team for the development of a modular production line. The development process of this demonstrator machine is used to illustrate the application and advancements of development methods in a highly interdisciplinary environment. Two parallel approaches are conducted, on the one hand a holistic Hard-ware-In-the-loop (HIL)-simulation concept and on the other hand a hybrid of classical and modern development methods.
Stefan Magielse,
Symcon B.V.
Last man standing
Working with Symcon is different. Compared to an OEM we vary by size, reach, products offering and dozens of other ways. In that sense, we cannot be compared to a larger OEM. These days Symcon is doing more and more to gain and retain business. In today’s tough economy, optical disc manufacturers everywhere are finding it more difficult to stay profitable and on the path for growth. Succeeding today not only means working harder, it means working smarter and to locate those hidden opportunities. Symcon is your one-stop supplier.
Martin Wiesweg,

PC Market Overview by HIS
Volume resins, while distinct in their chemistries, performance characteristics and end use applications, have some common business aspects. Investments in additional polymer capacity and related utilities have significant cost. The startup of new plant capacity to coincide with demand growth is the goal of every investment plan. Unfortunately, the last few years have not been kind to planners. From a global perspective, many of the recent investments in major resin capacity have arrived ahead of global demand, with significant financial consequences. This presentation will briefly examine the unique global position and strategic outlook for some major resins; polycarbonate, PP and polystyrene. The importance of plant operating rates will become apparent and we will also discuss the price outlook.
Nico Wohlgemuth,

Why you will Wear Technology tomorrow. And Want all that other new digital Stuff, too
Nico is a digital creative based in Berlin. He has a wide-ranging skills set from developing visions, creating strategies and wireframing concepts to drafting designs and prototyping ideas. He is passionate about any Mobile smart devices and believes that our smartphones have become the 24/7 go-to-guys for searching information, consuming services and purchasing products.
Seungyeob Choi,
Verizon Digital Media

Simplifying Workflow for Multi-Screen Delivery – Content vs. Service

Multi-screen streaming is delivery of video to multiple platforms, typically desktop, mobile, and TV connected to set top box. Since streaming technologies are segmented across different devices, it is not a straightforward task to prepare contents for different devices. I will discuss different approaches to this workflow, from perspective of content vs. service.
Michael Boreham,

Home Video Market Update and the Outlook for UHD
The presentation will review the development of the Home Video market assessing the current status and short term outlook for physical media and the potential for UHD. In addition we will review the challenge to packaged video from digital delivery.
Studio Panel
moderated by Dieter Lubberich, Cinram
  • Simon Busch, Busch Entertainment
  • Frank Brill, MGM/Twentieth Century Fox
  • Axel Köhler, Independent
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