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MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe 2017 at Mövenpick Hotel
in Hamburg – From Vinyl to Ultra HD Blu-ray
The MEDIA-TECH Conference was held at the Mövenpick Hotel in Hamburg, on May 15 & 16, 2017. With over 80 participants from 15 countries, the MEDIA-TECH Conference built a bridge from Vinyl to Ultra HD Blu-ray.

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Frank Hartwig, Chairman of the Media-Tech Association: “The 2017 European MEDIA-TECH Conference covered all topics from physical media and included for the first time the development of Vinyl as an independent session. The MEDIA-TECH Association will discuss in the future all activities of the media landscape and will build a bridge from Vinyl to new formats like Ultra HD Blu-ray”.
Vinyl Panel
Moderation by Bryan Ekus.

Participants: Megan Page, Market Store Day UK, Michal Štěrba, GZ Media, Alban Pingeot, MPO, Andreas Koch, Optimal, Gerhard Blum, Sony Music, Michael Schuster, Cargo Record, Manuela Nikele, HÀrt Musik.
Sven Deutschmann, Chief Executive Officer of Sonopress GmbH, Gütersloh, Germany: "We at Sonopress see a constant change in consumer lifestyle products and we expect, that the demand for 4K Ultra HD content will grow significantly. The new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc offers the best viewing experiences and we think that Ultra HD Blu-ray marks the High-End quality standard for Home Entertainment.”

During the MEDIA-TECH Association Member Meeting in Hamburg, Sven Deutschmann was elected to become a member of the Executive Board of the MEDIA-TECH Association.
More Statements from the MEDIA-TECH Conference

Megan Page, Record Store Day UK: “Vinyl now accounts 14% of the total albums market and 40 new independent record shops opened in 2016. Vinyl sales surpassed £65m in the UK. No signs of Vinyl sales declining – The 2017 Q1 showed another 30% increase year on year”.

Alban Pingeot, Chairman & Managing Director MPO: “The future of the physical distribution will be decisive. Young consumers look for digital quality. What we need is the same street date:  Streaming – CD – and Vinyl. We appreciate that the MEDIA-TECH Conference covers now all physical formats including Vinyl”

Michal Štěrba, President GZ Media: "Vinyl is back and attracts a lot of attention. The product quality is and will be more and more important for the future success and the MEDIA-TECH Conference 2017 was the perfect place to discuss the challenges for our industry!”
Conference Presentations available

The MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe 2017 covered the topics that matter in media manufacturing as well as focused on the new Blu-ray format.

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