MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe 2016 06/10/2016
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MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe 2016
June 14, 2016, Mövenpick Hotel in Hamburg, Germany
Don't miss presentations on the following topics:
  • Listen to the opening presentation by Wolfgang Diemling, Sony DADC: Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc – A New Chance?
  • Be part of the next generation of TV and listen to Pauls Gray`s (IHS) overview of the UHD market and also to the UHD Panel moderated by Bryan Ekus, Colonial Purchasing. Participants will be Paul Gray, IHS, Sven Deutschmann, Sonopress, Marcel Gonska, WLC, and Wolfgang Diemling, Sony DADC.
  • These two speakers will deliver a deeper view into the next level of industrial processes and online services: Dr. Rainer Stetter, ITQ, will tell us more about what`s behind Industry 4.0 and Nico Wohlgemuth from Dayone will explain the world of digital in a new way.
  • Michael Boreham, Futuresource, will review the development of the home video market.
  • Martin Wiesweg, IHS, will give an overview of the PC market. His presentation will briefly examine the unique global position and strategic outlook for some major resins; polycarbonate, PP and polystyrene.
  • Seungyeob Choi from Verizon Digital Media will discuss different approaches to the workflow for multi-screen delivery, from perspective of content vs. service.
  • And as the closing highlight: A studio panel with Simon Busch, Busch Entertainment, Frank Brill, MGM/Twentieth Century Fox, and Axel Köhler, Independent, moderated by Dieter Lubberich, Cinram.
Meet these Organizations in Hamburg:
AMG, Axxicon, Busch Entertainment, Carthuplas, CDA, CDI, CD Museum, Cinram, Colonial Purchasing, Covestro, Datarius, Dayone, Dexerials, EDC, Elsässer, Fermata, Futuresource, IHS, Independent, ITQ, KDG, Media Industry, MetaCom, MGM/Twentieth Century Fox, MPO, OK-Medien Service, ODS, Optimal Media, Rimage Europe, Scanavo, Sera S.A./Nora CD-DVD, Singulus Technologies, Sonopress, Sony DADC, Symcon, Targray Technology, Universal Picture, Verizon Digital Media, Warburg, WLC.
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