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Conference Chair
Masud Mansuripur
University of Arizona

Dr. Jordi Ribas
Director Technical Strategy Windows Digital Media Division

Charlie Mitsuhashi

Bert Hesselink, Ph.D
Stanford University

Yawara Kaneko, Ph.D.
President & CEO
TechnoConsulting, Inc.

Jim Taylor
Senior VP & General Manager
Advanced Technology Group
Sonic Solutions

Mark Knox
HD DVD Promotion Group

Tom Coughlin
Coughlin Associates

Maciek Brzeski
VP Marketing
Toshiba Storage Device Division

Gordon Hughes
Center for Magnetic Recording Research
University of California, San Diego

Advisory Committee

Prof. Masud Mansuripur Conference Chair
University of Arizona

With the guidance of Prof. Mansuripur, the MEDIA-TECH Association has also established a new Conference Advisory Committee that will create a two-day program to educate senior management about the changing dynamics and technologies in recording media manufacturing industry and will educate content holders, equipment manufacturers and media manufacturers about new opportunities in the manufacturing of current and future entertainment formats.

The international Conference Advisory Committee includes:

  • Dr. Bernard Bell, Data Play, Inc., USA
  • Dale Butrymowicz, Singulus Technologies, USA
  • Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates, USA
  • Gordon van Dyke, GE Advanced Materials, USA
  • Prof. Bert Hesselink, Stanford University, USA
  • Naoyasu Miyagawa, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co, Japan
  • Naomasa Nakamura, Toshiba, Japan
  • Dr. Michael O'Neil, MX Entertainment, USA
  • Dr. Takao Ohta, Ovonic Phase Change Institute, Japan
  • Isao Satoh PHD, Unaxis, Japan
  • Dr. Barry Schechtman, National Storage Industries Consortium, USA
  • James Steynor, DaTARIUS, Europe
  • Prof. Din Ping Tsai, Dept. of Physics National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Mark Waring, Sanyo Technology Center, USA
  • Helfried Weinzerl, Unaxis, USA
  • Masanobu Yamamoto, Sony, Japan


Eiji Ohno
Media Process Development Team
Panasonic/Matsushita Electric

Andy Parsons
Senior Vice President

Lisa Dhar
Founder & VP Media Development
InPhase Technology

Dr. Brian Lawrence
Integrated Polymer Systems
GE Global Research

Yuzuru Takashima
Stanford University

Wolfgang Schlichting
Research Director Removable Storage

Dominick DallaVerde
Senior Director Preproduction
Cinram International, Inc.

Bob Freedman
CTO Optical Media
Crest National

Roland Lacher
MEDIA-TECH Association