Conference Program

Program subject to change without notice.


Thursday, April 19 (day 1)

1:00 – 1:30 pm
Opening Keynote: Surviving the Digital Economy
Speaker: Aaron Shapiro, CEO, Huge Inc. & Author, “Users Not Customers”

To survive in the new economy, companies must learn to create, maintain, and attract “users.”  In his presentation, Shapiro will outline the seven steps that all businesses, including packaged media companies, need to do to take to succeed in digital with examples of companies that have executed well in each case.  

1:30 – 2:00 pm
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Topic: Truth or Dare
Speaker: Russ Crupnick, Group Vice President, Senior Industry Analyst, NPD

A leading industry analyst addresses the state of physical entertainment and the adoption of digital alternatives by separating rumors from reality, and looking at what will speed adoption, improve discovery and raise customer experience and value.

2:30-2:50 pm
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Topic: Not Your Father’s Replicator
Speaker: John C. Crosier, Senior Vice President, Digital Architecture and Delivery, Cinram

The speaker will discuss the transition of Cinram's capabilities from physical to digital and the importance of being able to satisfy multiple needs in both the physical and digital supply chains from one source.

Networking Coffee Break 2:50-3:20 pm

3:20-3:50 pm
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Presentation: Singulus/Sony

3:50-4:10 pm
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Topic: Clouds on the Horizon - Online Entertainment and UltraViolet
Speaker: Jim Taylor,
Head of Technology and Product Development for UltraViolet, DECE LLC)

Is the future of home video in the cloud? Will streaming or download dominate? What business models will prevail -- sell-through, rental/VOD, subscription, or ad-supported? Will the decline in DVD and Blu-ray sales accelerate or let up? How will UltraViolet impact all of this? Can we achieve ecosystem interoperation, or are we facing a fragmented marketplace? This presentation reviews the current state of affairs and how UltraViolet is transforming the home entertainment landscape for consumers and behind the scenes.        

4:10-4:30 pm
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Topic: Digital Storage Innovations and Trends for the Professional Media and Entertainment Industry
Speaker: Thomas Coughlin, President, Coughlin Associates

Changes are afoot in the digital storage industry with new storage technologies and storage architectures that will enable faster performance, lower latencies and collaborative workflows. These changes are crucial to the industry as resolution and frame rates increase as stereoscopic technologies evolve and as more content is captured during video production projects. This talk will explore these storage technologies and discuss how they are changing the face of the M&E industry from content capture through post production, content distribution and into content archiving.  Topics covered will include the use of solid-state storage, hard disk drives and digital tape in today’s rich media applications and the emerging use of cloud-based storage for collaborative projects and content distribution.

4:30-4:50 pm
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Topic: Media Preservation for Posterity
Panel: Jeff Anthony, Vice President, Iron Mountain Entertainment Services; Joe Weisenbach, Engineering Manager, MAM-A; Moderator: Larry Jaffee, Digital2Disc

The preservation of recorded content has become increasingly sophisticated. Iron Mountain has become the de facto physical and digital standard for entertainment storage, and MAM-A is a leading supplier of storage media.

4:50-5:10 pm
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Topic: DVD & Blu-ray Patent Licensing
Speaker: Ben Beune, Executive Vice President, COO, One-Red Hong Kong Ltd.

Philips has recently outsourced its Optical Storage Patent Licensing activities to One-Red, LLC, a US-based company with subsidiaries in 13 countries. Most of Philips’ staff engaged in the Optical Storage Patent Licensing business has been transferred to One-Red, LLC and its subsidiaries. One-Red, LLC operates as a licensing entity for patents essential to CD, DVD and Blu-ray products acting for Philips and One-Blue LLC.  This presentation is aimed at explaining the ownership structure of One-Red LLC and One-Blue LLC, their relationship, how One-Red operates the various CD and DVD license programs and at providing details on the One-Blue license program, how this program operates and how One-Blue LLC and One-Red LLC work together in the implementation of this program.

5:10-5:30 pm
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Topic: 2nd Screen App Market Overview
Speaker: Renaud Fuchs, Vice President, Business Development, Strategy & Transformation, Broadcast Services, Technicolor

This presentation features an in-depth look at where 2nd screen started and where it is going with the latest in industry trends and developments . This exclusive look at industry numbers will illustrate how 2012 will be an explosive year of growth for  2nd screen apps.

Friday, April 20 (day 2)

9:30-10:00 am
Keynote: How Home Video Saved My Business
Speaker: Lloyd Kaufman, Founder, Troma Entertainment Inc.

The legendary independent filmmaker explains how home video – initially VHS and later DVD – has been extremely crucial to his company’s success in bringing to the world such classics as “The Toxic Avenger,” “Surf Nazis Must Die,” “Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead” and “Class of Nuke ’Em High 1, 2 & 3.”

10:00-10:30 am
Company Presentation: PT&S

10:30-10:50 am
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Topic: Today’s Video Game Business
Speaker: Mark Fisher, Executive Vice President, Initiatives, Entertainment Merchants Association

This session will describe how changes in technology and changes in content have spurred growth in this category and how publishers and retailers are testing new business models and tactics to maximize revenues. Also, a peek into what’s ahead.

10:50-11:10 am
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Topic: Blu-ray Status Report
Speaker: Victor Matsuda, Vice President, Blu-ray Group, Sony Corporation of America

Blu-ray is finally delivering on earlier forecasts of it becoming the king and queen of the living room. But will growth slow down?

Networking Coffee Break 11:10-11:40

Company Presentation: Lenco

11:45AM -12:05PM
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Topic:  Ensuring a Good User Experience –The Importance of Quality Assurance
Speaker: Juan Reyes, Chief Technology Officer, BluFocus Inc.

Digital technologies such as Ultraviolet, Apps, streaming media, digital copy and more, are growing at a rapid pace, and the quality of their output defines the overall user experience.  With the convergence of mobile, broadcast, physical media, digital and other industries, the technologies are becoming more complex and sophisticated, thus making quality assurance more important than ever.

Networking Lunch 12:05-1:35 pm

Company Presentation: kdg mediatech AG

1:45-2:15 pm
Topic: Breaking Records: Vinyl’s Back
Panel: Steve Sheldon, Owner, Rainbo Records; David Rosen, Wax Trax
Moderator: Larry Jaffee, Digital2Disc

Who would have thought vinyl records would show tremendous growth at this stage of the digital age? Can it continue? Rainbo has pressed records for just about every major artist, including Led Zeppelin, Snoop Dogg, The Beatles, Coldplay, Beck, Elvis Presley, 2Pac, Madonna, Radiohead, and many more. And a local retailer, Wax Trax, explains what consumers are interested in buying these days.

2:15-2:45 pm
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Topic: The Roll-Out of ‘Managed Copy’
Speaker: Donald Leake, Jr.,
Program Director, Copy Protection Business Development,

AACS, the encryption system that protects Blu-ray discs, is moving forward on Managed Copy, allowing consumers to make single copies. The initial launch is in the U.S., but Europe will be following. What are the implications for replicators?

Networking Coffee Break 2:45-3:15

3:15-4:00 pm
Topic: Putting the Physical into Media: Packaging
Panel: Tony Van Veen, CEO, AVL Digital Group (Disc Makers / CD Baby;  Paul Gelardi, President, Sunlyte Packaging LLC; Moderator: Larry Jaffee, Contributor, Digital2Disc

Brick-and-mortar retail is becoming a ghost town for physical CDs and DVDs. But content owners are not skimping on deluxe packaging when it makes sense, according to members along the food chain.

4:00-4:30 pm
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Company Presentation: Sabic

4:30-5:20 pm
Topic: Operations Soap Box
Speaker: Brian Axtman, Owner, Great Lakes Media Technology Inc.

AIMMA member fields audience questions on pressing small manufacturing operations issues in what promises to be a lively, no-holds-barred discussion.

Conference Wrap-Up
Bryan Ekus, Doug Franzen, Mike Weiss

Conference program/speakers are subject to change