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28. March 2017

New Vinyl Record Manufacturing Workshop to be part at MEDIA-TECH Conference Set for May 15 & May 16, 2017

  • MEDIA-TECH Conference to Examine Physical Media’s Fastest Growing Format
  • MEDIA-TECH Conference taking place on May 15 & 16, 2017, Hotel Mövenpick, Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany – All aspects of the astounding rebirth of vinyl records over the past decade will be among the scintillating topics discussed at a conference scheduled for May 15 &16 by the MEDIA-TECH Association at the Mövenpick Hotel here.

“Vinyl Manufacturing” consists of sessions that examine the size of the European market, technology developments, supply chain, retail channels, and the launch of the Record Manufacturing Working Group.

“MEDIA-TECH always tries to keep pace with all aspects of the recorded media marketplace, and the tremendous growth of vinyl led us to out together this program,” comments MEDIA-TECH Association Chairman Frank Hartwig, who also serves as Chief Executive Officer of media manufacturer CDA GmbH, of Suhl, Germany.

The Vinyl program will precede MEDIA-TECH’s regular conference on other physical formats including optical discs, such as UHD Blu-ray Disc.

Vinyl sales are projected to sell 40 million units in 2017, the seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth and with sales nearing the $1 billion benchmark. According to Deloitte, the vinyl format will soon account for 10 percent of the global music industry’s $15 billion in revenue.

“It’s time to take advantage of pressing plants’ collective power and best practices in easing the economics of manufacturing records,” says Hartwig, of MEDIA-TECH Association’s launch of the Vinyl Record Manufacturing Meeting.

IFPI, the international music trade organization, in its most recent annual report, anecdotally cited vinyl as a growing force in the marketplace.

Stu Bergen, CEO, international and global commercial services, Warner Music, is also quoted in the IFPI report: “Fans today want to access music in formats ranging from vinyl to streaming. Look at markets such as Norway, which is driven by streaming, but where almost half our physical sales come from vinyl – a very interesting phenomenon. Our job is to deliver great music to fans in formats that work for them.”

Vinyl Record Manufacturing Workshop

Session 1: Market & Industry Status in Europe and Globally
This session will present the status of the Vinyl market and the Vinyl industry. The role of Vinyl in the digital media transformation will be highlighted.

Session 2: Vinyl Technology Status
The quest for technology improvements and innovations. This session will browse some of the most promising new technologies, materials, and their practicability.

Session 3: Vinyl Manufacturing Supply Chain
This session will discuss methods to Improve efficiencies and increase productivity at different levels of the value chain.

Session 4: Indie Panel Discussion – What Makes Vinyl Attractive?
This session will discuss the future of Vinyl, Record Store Day, and new distribution channels.

About MEDIA-TECH Association:
The MEDIA-TECH Association was founded in 2001 to serve every facet of the optical and removable storage media manufacturing industry, spanning the range from all current formats of optical discs and magnetic media to future format Blu-ray Disc.

Member companies of the Association range from content owners and licensees through designers and software developers, to raw material and equipment manufacturers. They are involved in the entertainment industry, the videogame market; data storage innovations; plastics technology; injection molding; quality assurance; printing, packing, wrapping and distribution; sales and marketing; and many other areas of expertise within the media manufacturing industry.

Represented in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the MEDIA-TECH Association aims at providing its members with a forum for information, discussion and exchange of ideas, as well as ways to develop business opportunities and strategic partnerships. Another premier goal is the assurance that the industry as a whole continues to grow and stay dynamic.

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