A „Exhibitor Committee“ was formed by a general vote of the exhibitors in June 2001 at the Replitech exhibition in Geneva. It consisted of 10 members: 5 members elected from the OMMA Association and 5 members elected from the ARIES group. It represented a balance of large and small exhibitors.

On November 9th of 2001, the members of the Exhibitor Committee formed the MEDIA-TECH Association to execute the wishes of the exhibitors of the Media and IT industries. The goal was to create a great tradeshow, a future media conference and to resolve other current needs of the industry.

Who was the Exhibitor Committee?
The Exhibitor Committee was made up of the following board members:

  • Chairman: Bryan Ekus (Managing Director, Tapematic USA), ARIES
  • Vice Chairman: Carl Langenski√∂ld (Managing Partner, M2), OMMA
  • Chairman of Conferences Sub Committee: Adrian Farmer (Executive V.P. Unaxis Nimbus), OMMA Chairman
  • Chairman of Exhibitions Sub Committee: Frank Weber (Director of Corporate Communications / Investor Relations, Steag-Hamatech), OMMA
  • Webmaster: Sam Rajkovich (Sales Manager, Comet Automation Systems), ARIES
  • Roland Lacher (President & CEO, Singulus Technologies), OMMA
  • Jan Snoep (Executive Vice President, Toolex), OMMA
  • Michael Hudson (Marketing, Dr. Schenk), ARIES
  • Robert Frei (Vice President Marketing & Sales-Europe, Convac Technologies), ARIES
  • Karl Heinz Schoppe (Managing Director, EMould), ARIES