Conference Program

The World of Physical Media Conference
Cassettes, Vinyl, CD, DVD & Blu-ray
June 4 & 5, 2018, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Organized by The MEDIA TECH Association
With the Support of the MEDIA-TECH Working Group on Vinyl – the EU Green Vinyl Record Project –
Pure Audio Group & Colonial Purchasing Europe

Monday, June 4, 2018 

1:00 pm: MEDIA-TECH Member Meeting (Members only)

2:00 pm: European Vinyl Working Group Meeting

Moderator: Bryan Ekus & Michael Hosp, Media-Tech Association

The MEDIA-TECH Vinyl Workgroup seeks to provide members of the vinyl industry and press a single point resource for a glossary of vinyl and vinyl information sourcing and manufacturing. You can meet Cargo Records, Colonial Purchasing Europe, Deeptrax Records, Discogs, Green Vinyl Project, GZ, MPO, Optimal, R.a.n.d.muzik Record Manufacturing, Record industry, Record Store Day France, Record Store Day Netherlands, Record Store Day UK, Rebeat Innovation, Solvisible, Symcon, Unbreakmyheart and many more!

Workgroup Program:
2:00 pm: Welcome Coffee

2:15 pm: Welcome and Introduction
Michael Hosp, kdg Austria, Bryan Ekus, Colonial Purchasing Co-Op

2:30 pm: Mastering for Vinyl
Rinus Hooning, Record Industry

2:45 pm: Welcome & Introduction to the Green Vinyl Project
Harm Theunisse, Symcon Group
See the presentation here

2:50 pm: Measurement / Quality Control on Vinyl – Setting the Standards
Fontys University – Student Presentations

  1. Material and the record: testing material properties via rheology, mechanical testing and microscopy.
    Garm Willems
  2. QC measurement: measurement of harmonic distortion, IMD, SNR, noise floor.
    Tom Reuvers & Dominique Nouws
  3. Channel separation: as a function of the position of the head shell
    Jaimie van Soerland & Michael Burgmans
  4. Optical inspection: searching for defects on record and/or stamper
    Jade Heino & Vera Schroën

3:50 pm: Vinyl by The Numbers – Retail Update
Moderator:  Sabine Schmidt, Unbreakmyheart Germany

  • Megan Page, Record Store Day, UK
  • Esther Vollebregt, Record Store Day, Netherlands
  • Pascal Bussy, Record Store Day, France
    See the presentation here
  • Claire Pace, Discogs Europe

4:45 pm: Departure for Green Vinyl Live Demonstration

7:00 pm: Networking Party

Hosted by the MEDIA-TECH Association (Open to all paid registrants of the World of Physical Media Conference)

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 

8:30 am: Registration opens, Networking with coffee

9:00 am – 09:15 pm: Start of Conference – Welcome
Frank Hartwig, CEO CDA and President Media-Tech Association

9:15 am: Keynote: 40 years CD
Jan Timmer, former CEO of Philips

In 1978, Polygram, a division of Philips, chose polycarbonate as the material of choice for the CD. Many other decisions were also made that year, such as the disc diameter (115 mm) and the type of laser to be used by CD players. It was also decided that data on a CD would start at the center and spiral outwards to the edge.

9:45 am: Driving content through a digital and physical age
What does a digital future mean to the culture scene? A reflection from content creation to consumer behavior“ 
Christoph Diekmann, addvalue CONSULTING
See the presentation here

10:15 am: Coffee Break & Networking – Vinyl & Pure Audio Blu-ray Demos

10:45 am: Panel Session: Vinyl 2018,
Moderator: Sabine Lydia Schmidt, Unbreakmyheart


  • Ton Vermeulen – Record Industry BV
  • Chris Roorda – Deep Groove Records
  • Dennis Plauk, Mint Magazine
  • Megan Page, Record store day UK
  • Alban Pingeot, MPO France

11:40 am: Pure Audio Blu-ray – The new dimension in sound, „A product revolution for the mass market with a sound as intended by the artist“ 
Christoph Diekmann, Pure Audio Group
See the presentation here

12:20 am: Green Vinyl Project Update 
Harm Theunisse, Symcon
See the presentation here

12:40 am: Lunch Break & Networking – Vinyl & Pure Audio Blu-ray Demos

1:00 pm: Lunch

2:30 pm: Overview Physical Media
Sven Deutschmann, Sonopress
See the presentation here

2:40: Up-date raw materials (polycarbonates)
Martin Wiesweg, IHS
See the presentation here

3:00 pm Coffee Break & Networking – Vinyl & Pure Audio Blu-ray Demos

3:30 pm Panel Session Audio Cassettes
Moderator Frans de Waard


  • Lou Ottens, The Inventor of Philip’s Music Cassette
  • Thomas Baur, De Bandjesfabriek
  • Lars Leeuw, Lila Scheerder, Barreuh Records
  • Gunnar Heuschkel, R.a.n.d.muzik
  • Matthew Lyttle, Golding Products

4:00 pm Closing Frank Hartwig

4:15 pm: A second visit Green Vinyl Records Project is available.

Or, please join us for Hosted Tours of Eindhoven’s Very Famous Record Stores and the Philips Record Museum