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Event 2018

Cassettes, Vinyl, CD, DVD & Blu-ray – The World of Physical Media Conference

June 4 & 5, 2018, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The 1st World Conference on Physical Media will be held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, from
4 – 5 June 2018. This conference will focus on the world of physical media, and in a large part because of the astounding resurgence of the vinyl format.

Many other formats, long thought defunct, are also following the trend set by vinyl to satisfy the tactile requirement of the buyer.

We are fortunate at having long-term members of the MEDIA-TECH Association that have been involved in the production and manufacture of physical media for the last 50 years as such we can offer a large pool of resource and experience to current companies and individuals wanting to grow or become involved in the current exciting market trends including mastering, production and manufacturing to raw material and machinery suppliers.

The conference is being hosted by the MEDIA-TECH in partnership with the Green Vinyl Project, the MEDIA-TECH Vinyl Working Group, the Pure Audio Group, and Colonial Purchasing Europe.


Voices from the Conference:

Frank Hartwig, CEO of CDA and president of the Media-Tech Association

“This was an excellent opportunity to become inspired and educated by physical media content experts and to network with colleagues and peers from around the world. After 40 years of the CD, we have seen the resurgence of vinyl, the rebirth of the cassette, but also to new revenue streams in Blu-ray.”

Harm Theunisse, Green Vinyl Records Project and CEO Symcon

“I would like to thank all visitors and speakers for the positive reactions about the Green Vinyl Records project. New technologies are being welcomed in the physical media industry and good discussions were held throughout all formats: vinyl, tape and Optical Disc.”

Sven Deutschmann, CEO Sonopress

“Despite all digital success stories; Physical media is here to stay. This years’ MediaTech conference has shown a tremendous response in respect of Physical media and its sustainable value: From Vinyl to CD – from DVD to Blu-ray and even back to Music Cassettes. Great event!”

Alban Pingeot, Chairman & Managing Director, MPO France

“Vinyl is currently experiencing an exceptional second coming.  We from MPO appreciated very much the two-day MediaTech Conference in Eindhoven giving a deep insight view in the Vinyl market but also bright overview on all physical media.  For us is Vinyl a return to the pure sound and beauty of an object which itself is a return to MPO’s industrial and service roots!”

Christoph Diekmann, Pure Audio Blu-ray

To meet everyone from the physical planet was great. This world needs to stay close and get into action, to keep music as a value! We see a physical product evolution as irreplaceable. Everyone in the creative industry needs products which delivers an income to be able to produce new music.”

Sabine-Lydia Schmidt, Unbreakmyheart

“The conference has been a synergetic blast! Many like-minded people are doing their part to keep the industry running. It’s great to see newcomers and industry leaders working together and sharing knowledge.”

Pascal Bussy, Record Store Day, France

„It was so instructive and positive to see that MUSIC is such a strong link between all these people from different horizons, from large pressing plants to tiny indie record shops.”