How to join

How to join

Membership Application

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Membership Application

The MEDIA-TECH Association was founded to become the innovative trade association that serves every facet of the physical storage media manufacturing industry worldwide. Our members are the companies that equip, supply, license, develop, manufacture and distribute all the current formats of media.


Membership is for those companies involved in the games market, data storage, entertainment media, and media manufacturing industry including vinyl. This includes plastics technology, injection molding, quality assurance, printing, packaging, licensing, materials and services supply, and distribution.

The Standard Membership costs 1,500 EUR per year, offers a free conference tickets, discounts and Association voting privileges.

The Gold Membership costs 2,500 EUR per year, offers two free conference tickets, discounts and Association voting privileges as well as presence in special working groups.

MEDIA-TECH Activities

The Association provides the industry with a program of conferences where the exchange of ideas can take place, along with the demonstration of the latest in technology – from services to equipment.  As well as presenting the industry’s primary conference events, it is building coalitions with technology, service, and content industry organizations to build a broader commercial understanding and widen networking opportunities.

MEDIA-TECH Networking Opportunities
Members can expand their business networks at group meetings, MEDIA-TECH supported events and trade show activities.

Member Exposure on the MEDIA-TECH Association Website
Free links from the MEDIA-TECH Association website and Event home pages increases your company’s exposure in the marketplace.

Inclusion in MEDIA-TECH Association Publicity Materials
These materials are distributed to media worldwide, including entertainment and electronics trade publications, mass market daily and business media.

Member free Conference Tickets and Discounts
Discounted registration fees for MEDIA-TECH Conferences and MEDIA-TECH sponsored events are granted to all members.

MEDIA-TECH Association Voting Privileges
Participation at General Member Meetings allows members the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of future MEDIA-TECH shows and technical conferences.

MEDIA-TECH Committee’s
Group Purchasing, Licensing, and the Replicator’s Group are all ways to make sure that your company is up to date with the latest opportunities in media manufacturing.


To learn more about becoming a member of the MEDIA-TECH Association,  send an email to Bernhard Krause, e-mail: Bernhard.krause(at)